I'm an astronomer, which means I'm lucky enough to get paid to discover new things about the universe. Sometimes I also get to travel to exotic locations to use telescopes to observe the amazing objects that populate the universe.


July 2013

I'll be moving back to Australia in August! I'm moving to the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing at Swinburne University to join Michael Murphy's group.

November 2012

Added a new Publications section along with an html version of my CV. (Why yes, I am on the job market! How did you guess?)

October 2012

I've released an updated version of my Python astrophysics package, Barak.

Added a publications list to CV.

July 2012

Fixed a bug in the calculation of the absolute magnitude of an L* galaxy as a function of redshift.

June 2010

Added a Javascript cosmology calculator to the Cosmology section.